We are happy to share a wonderful and interesting story about Ole and Victoria. The heroes of this story found each other on the Anastasia website. Their acquaintance began with the usual correspondence on May 25, 2009… On this day, Victoria’s birthday and at that time he remembered the beginning of their love story. After that, they corresponded for a year and a half. They also began to meet quite often and their relationship developed over four years! During this time they had the opportunity to test their feelings. In the end, they married on September 14, 2013. They had an engagement and an official marriage ceremony in Denmark. The wedding party was attended by 40 guests from Denmark, their relatives, friends of the Victoria family. The celebration took place in Odessa in one of the most beautiful restaurants of Odessa hotels – Londonskaya.

The history of this couple is also quite remarkable because they had a long relationship before the wedding, which show the love, patience, wisdom of both. Their maturity and devotion to each other helped them to overcome the distance.

The couple traveled a lot before deciding to marry. Victoria also visited the country where she was going to live in the future, Denmark. There they had an engagement.

Vika and Olea knew each other so well that, from their words, their marriage was quite a definite step for them, and they wanted all other people to make the same correct decision with regard to marriage. Their couple is a unique union for vital interests, values and goals in life. They also say that they are close in spirit and even born in the same year as the Dragon. Their relationship is built on mutual respect and true love. They were able to overcome the language barrier, as Ole learned Russian, and Victoria – English. But, as they say, they have their own common language – the language of love and mutual understanding. We asked them how many times they had met before getting married. They smiled and replied that they could not say for sure, as they met almost every weekend for three years.

The ceremony of marriage was a vivid example of a magnificent unification of people of different cultures and nationalities. It was the triumph of love and faith in friendship. Ole told us that he knew from the very beginning that he would win the heart of Victoria, and that he whole-heartedly thanked Perfect MAtch for this opportunity to find his soul mate. Victoria even told us that even if fate was written in our book of life, they could have missed this chance, had it not been for Anastasia.

Victoria — Odessa, Ukraine
Ole — Denmark