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London Travels

The heart of foggy Albion. Cloudy, but incredibly colorful London. Under the strict guidance of the royal family, it seems that for centuries the throne of Elizabeth II has been wiped – London, enveloped in dense fog, lives its measured, seemingly borrowed from the quiet Thames life. The homelandRead more

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5 lifhaks for a painless getting rid of excess weight.

5 lifhaks for a painless getting rid of excess weight. Advice

Always topical, regularly discussed, but never closed topic of excess weight. Most of those who live today face this problem one way or another. Someone runs from one room to another, unsuccessfully sweating later on the treadmill. Someone sits on the strictest diets, each time ingesting saliva while watching fast food advertising….

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Selfy Photography

In 2010 year, the planet was seized by the Selfy epidemic. Social networks are torn from the daily influx of self-portraits against the backdrop of various attractions, beautiful places, gyms, cars, food, other people doing selfie on the background of people who do selfie, and in bizarre, and sometimes really strange poses.

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France Travels

Where to start the story of France, if not from the Eiffel Tower? It was against its construction in 1887 that the Parisians made riots, not wanting this iron giant to spoil the historical view of Paris. However, already in 1925, when the tower was already worn out and somewhat lost its marketable appearance

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The new is a well-forgotten old

The new is a well-forgotten old Fashion

How exactly the modern concept of “fashion” appeared is hardly possible to find out. Most likely, the primitive “women of fashion” wanted to look good, dancing their wild dances by the fireplace to the delight of wild males eagerly eating burned pieces of meat. Night, fire, dancing, eating, drinking, primitive passion and furs, fur ….

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