Frequently asked Questions

How much does the agency service cost?
 To representatives of the magnificent sex “Perfect Match” offers free registration and services of a professional interpreter.
Can I choose by myself who fits me on the site?
The agency does only part of the work. 75% of the success is up to you. We select the most suitable, for the interests and preferences, candidates and present you in the best way. We organize meetings with men who like you. “Perfect Match” offers you new interesting acquaintances, which can become the beginning of a wonderful family life. But only you decide with whom to continue the communication!
Why would he need additional problems? I have a child.
A child can not be a hindrance when the hearts of two lovers are united. Look around! How many women, having an unsuccessful marriage and experience, independently educating a child, find their love! For a loving and beloved man, the child will always be like his.