It was a stifling July day. High in the sky lonely hung a red-hot sun, burning the skin of a woman walking unhurriedly along Khreshchatik. Light, playfully curling hair, a gait that is called “from the hip”, bright green eyes of summer color and a languid look. Oil painting. Her name was Alyona, about such as she still says “fatal woman”. Such women have long been accustomed to male attention. Flowers, gifts, expensive cars. But is it possible to buy love?

The idea of registering and trying your luck on a website was not spontaneous. A good acquaintance who once found her happiness in the person of a foreign husband last week left for the US to meet the American dream.

Meanwhile, in a cold Canada, a single man, who survived a heavy divorce, was killing his time on a dating site. Years left their mark on Luke’s face: a few gray strands, wrinkles around the eyes. Such details of men, as is known, do not age, but on the contrary they add only courage and some solidity to the image. Looking at such a person involuntarily understand that he has seen a lot in his time. Being born somewhat fettered and ischemic, he once again remained alone. A couple of months ago, now Luc’s ex-wife jumped into the car to his again-former friend and waved. Sad story.

At first glance, this evening was no different from the previous one: ice scotch, a lamp with a shade, light music, a laptop and a sleepless night filled with dope and loneliness. And then there will be a bachelor’s morning. Scorched fried eggs and hated work from 9 to 6. Anti-Utopia. Unbearable for the soul romance system and conservatism. Luke was ready for such an outcome and did not even suspect that just today he has to get a lucky ticket.

With a note of humor and a grain of irony, the first conversation between Luke and Alena started, which literally registered her profile on the site yesterday. Nobody expected such a rapid development of events, but after 14 days they tenderly cooed sitting opposite each other in one of the Kiev restaurants.

Love at first sight? May be. It is unlikely that anyone now is able to answer this question. It is never possible to say with certainty what kind of feelings people experience to each other in the first couple, but one thing I know for sure – these two devilishly drawn to each other and it was noticeable to the naked eye. Conversations before dawn, tender looks, awkward touches of hands …
Two weeks passed like an instant, forever imprinted in their memory. About such warm and romantic moments later years people are nostalgic sitting on the seashore on a warm summer evening.

Now, three months after the events described, Alena prepares to move to Canada, where she is waiting for a faithful, courageous and gentle man. It was such a partner that she searched for her whole life.
To summarize, it would be foolish not to mention the important fact that the world is not limited to your wall and bed, your circle of communication, no matter how vast it may seem, your country or even the continent. Maybe your ideal half, somewhere in West Virginia, is currently bored in the “Tydwater Grill” pub on Court Street and is looking for you all night looking at the blue screen of your laptop.

Alena — Kiev, Ukraine
Patrick — Canada